Building an Image Library with Dotted Line Marketing

Dotted Line Marketing

There is nothing we love more than working with brands and businesses to create imagery that enhances their marketing and helps them sell their work! So we were incredibly excited when Lane from Dotted Line Marketing reached out with an idea to create a library of images that reflected her brand and she’d be able to use across multiple platforms. Not only did she want to use these images on her website and printed marketing materials, but she also wanted to have images she’d be able to use throughout the year on her digital platforms, such as social media and an e-newsletter.

Dotted Line Marketing

Our goal for this project was to put together a library of images that are cohesive, but not exactly the same. We used Dotted Line Marketing’s color scheme when putting together flat lays and pulled in items that will help make the images relevant regardless of when they are used. We also wanted to capture photos of not only static objects, but of movement and client meetings…showing Lane do what she does best, communicating with clients and delivering amazing content and ideas!

Dotted Line Marketing

Dotted Line Marketing has a very clean, modern look, and the images that had previously been used on the website didn’t reflect that feel. Instead they seemed a bit dated and stale. With this new, refreshed imagery, their materials look incredible! Head over to to see how this new image library has enhanced their web presence, and be sure to follow Dotted Line Marketing on social media as well!

Dotted Line Marketing


Happy 2018 from August Light Studio!

2018 Goals

The beginning of a new year is always a time of great excitement and hope, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs. As a list-maker and planner at heart, I love putting pen to paper and mapping out my goals for the new year, whether for my personal or professional life. However, sometimes the idea of listing out everything I want to do in a year can be completely overwhelming! Here are a few tips that I’ve found to be extremely helpful in planning for the new year as a small business owner:

1. Break Down Your Goals By Quarter and Make Them Measurable: Of course we all want to run a successful business, but it’s important when you are setting goals for the new year that you take in to consideration how you will measure your success. For example, we all want have a profitable year, but how will you measure that? Number of new clients you bring on board? Number of projects? Revenue? There are many different ways to measure success, so you need to break it down so that you don’t set yourself up for failure.

2. Hold Quarterly Retreats to Review and Plan: This is something I started doing last year for both my personal goals AND my business goals. I set specific time each quarter to spend the day at a coffee shop (or sometimes I even stay the night at a hotel) away from the bustle of life, the business, and my family to go over the progress I’ve made and what my plans are moving forward. This is a great way to ensure you stay on target throughout the year and don’t get lost in the day-to-day stress of being an entrepreneur and “doing it all.”

3. Set Marketing and Budget Goals for the Year, Then Review Quarterly: This one is HUGE for me, because new opportunities are always coming up, and I find it difficult to say no when I see something I think would help my business. However, it’s important to prioritize and ensure your spending is in line with your marketing plan. This is why I believe building a photography plan into your marketing budget is so helpful. By working with August Light Studio for all of your marketing and business development photography, we can help your company achieve it’s loftiest 2018 goals.

How are you planning for 2018? At August Light Studio, we can help you make it the best year yet! If you want to get started (or just get some ideas for the new year) send us a note at

2018 Goals

Sophisticaited + Beauty Brands Collaboration | Videography + Photography

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Sophisticaited + Beauty Brands

Sophisticaited + Beauty Brands

At August Light Studio, we love being able to take ideas and make them a reality. When Caitlin Fore from Sophisticaited and C4 Styling reached out to us about making her project collaboration with Beauty Brands really pop, we knew that adding video would be just the ticket!

Caitlin was working with Beauty Brands to showcase their styling services and especially how they can help assist today’s busy women this holiday season. We photographed and provided video services to feature Beauty Brands’ holiday hairstyling packages. While the photos certainly provided value to the project, it was the video, which was focused on capturing the entire styling experience, not just the finished product, that really makes this campaign stand out! Who wouldn’t want a day of pampering at Beauty Brands after watching this video?

You can see more of this project via Sophisticaited! If you’d like to work with August Light Studio on an upcoming photography or videography project, please reach out to Let’s make something awesome together!

Three Steps to Get Started

August Light Studio Space

Everyone knows creating original content for your brand can be a daunting task. Trust me, I’ve been there! And as a small business owner and creative, I can sometimes find myself in the thick of the weeds of the dreaded procrastination. So how to cope? Here are some tips that have helped as we built our own business and brand!

1. Make a Daily Schedule – It’s so easy to get caught up in meetings or putting out fires at your business, that it can make finding time to create content a struggle. Setting aside time every week to go over your marketing plan, how it’s being implemented on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis and bring new ideas to the schedule is key. Don’t just hope you’ll find the time to do this, put it on your calendar and make it happen!

2. Dedicate Certain Times of Day to Your Social Media (and not a minute more!) – One of the traps we all fall into is the social media black hole. Since so much of our business’ marketing is done online, we have to log on in order to get our work done. But then we MUST log out! Don’t spend all day replying to comments or scrolling your feeds, or you will lose a ton of precious work time. I set time to post during the day, and then get off my phone or social feeds before I get sucked in.

3. Take a Break and Take Care of Yourself – Make sure you’re not just sitting in front of your computer churning out content constantly. That will quickly lead to burn out! Get up every hour and take a walk around the office, or outside if you can. Eat a healthy snack and don’t skip lunch! Drink water throughout the day. To create good work, you have to be fueling your body and mind in healthy ways.

How do you work through the daily challenges at your business? Let me know in the comments or on social media. And send me a note at to learn how we can work together to make your brand marketing even better with beautiful images and video!

Why August Light?

August Light Studio has been officially “open for business” for one week, and what a week it’s been! We are incredibly grateful for all the support, love and potential projects that have been sent our way. This business didn’t happen overnight, it’s taken months of planning, strategy and execution, but it feels really wonderful to have such awesome people cheering us on!

One question we’ve heard a lot in the last week is “Why August Light?” The name is a unique one, and holds a lot of meaning for me personally and professionally. The concept for this new business came to me months before the name, and in fact, naming this venture was one of the most difficult parts of the process. I had my heart set on a different name, but found it was extremely popular in the photography world, and I wanted to ensure my business would be easy to find via a Google search and potential clients wouldn’t be confused by difference companies with the same name! That’s a marketing nightmare, and after working in marketing and PR for the past 10 years, I knew a common business name can be a big problem for a new company. You want a name that is unique, easy to remember, and fits with your brand goals and strategy.

I was sure I wanted to the word “light” in the name somewhere. To me, photography at it’s simplest definition is the capturing of light. I also really love the visualization of “being the light” or the “lighthouse” in the world…in other words, being a business that shines on their clients and brings out the best in them!

I also knew I wanted the word “studio” in our business name.This new venture encompasses not only a service, but a place. For the first time, I would be hosting my work in a literal brick and mortar studio, and having this in the name was important to me.

“August” was the suggestion of a wonderful, creative friend, and I’ll be forever grateful for her insight! August is one of my favorite months of the year, because it simply has the BEST natural light. The warm glow of August is just beautiful, and encompasses everything I want August Light Studio to be. In addition, as a working mother, August feels sort of like the beginning of the year for me, as the kids head back to school and schedules are more set and predictable. August always reminds me of freshly sharpened pencils, new notebooks, and a whole lot of possibility!

I hope this gives you a little more insight on August Light Studio! We’d love to work with you soon to create beautiful images for your brand or business. Email me at to learn more!